Jersey fabric has established itself as a powerhouse quality, offering a harmonious blend of look and wearability. This versatile material has captivated various industries, from fashion to sportswear, owing to its exceptional behavior. Whether you crave everyday luxury comfort or a smart casual look, jersey fabric ensures an unmatched experience that seamlessly fuses style and functionality.


Jersey is a knitted textile known for its unique characteristics. It boasts a stretchable and lightweight nature, draping beautifully on the body. The jersey fabric is soft and gentle against the skin. Its structure allows for unrestricted mobility.


In response to the demand for personalized garments, The Makers are excited to launch our new seasonal Made-to-Order (MTO) collection featuring eight exclusive jersey jackets. This offering combines the luxurious comfort of jersey fabric with tailored precision, providing an unparalleled experience for individuals seeking both style and customization.


As jersey fabric continues to revolutionize the fashion industry, the propagation of the MTO collection adds a new dimension of personalization. Embrace the future of fashion with tailored jersey jackets, and step confidently into any setting, knowing that your outfit reflects your unique style while enveloping you in the unmatched comfort of a jersey. So, get excited because our Jersey collection will be available soon. For further details on orders, please contact:


Chris Bower



Olaf van de Male




Kees ten Berge