Ready To Wear


The Makers Ready-to-Wear production gives our B2B partners the opportunity to create perfect collections of men’s and women’s tailoring for their client base. A proud history and heritage have seen our RTW offer grow with partners worldwide over three generations, thanks to a rich combination of modern methods and machinery with production expertise focusing on both product development and continuous improvement. This global success reaffirms our ability to understand the marketplace and recognize regional desires and tastes.

Our RTW offer ranges from traditional tailored pieces to more casual tailored ones inspired by current market trends. Our ability to manufacture modern products with varying constructions, from fused to semi-traditional half canvas, encompassing a formal to a softer construction, provides our B2B partners with a flexible offer.

We collaborate closely with raw material and machinery suppliers to stay up to date on the latest products and initiatives that will enhance our RTW range. Production is done at our single-story modern facilities in Tangier, Morocco, with a dedicated workforce in a country recognized for its superb manufacturing skills. The site is located in a free-trade zone that offers import benefits for EU, UK, and US-based partners.

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