Giorgio Ronchi, the CEO of E.thomas, is an impressive and compassionate leader who embodies kindness and humility. Under his guidance, the company has undergone a significant digital transformation, embracing creativity and saving time and costs. While the digital aspect has become essential, E.thomas still values showcasing real materials to customers, even though their collection is available online.


As a family company, E. Thomas enjoys the freedom to make decisions without external influence. This independence allows them to experiment and adapt to change, while also maintaining strong relationships with customers. The company’s strong community ties, with generations of families working together, contribute to a positive work atmosphere and a commitment to producing high-quality fabrics.


E.thomas stands out in the fabric mill industry not by claiming complete uniqueness but by focusing on the qualities that make them special. They emphasize the importance of novelty and the necessity for every fabric to be pleasing to customers. E.thomas not only excels in fabric production but also prioritizes sustainability. They understand the importance of minimizing their environmental impact and have implemented various initiatives. The company’s water treatment system ensures that the water discharged from its operations is clean, protecting the local ecosystem. Additionally, they have embraced recycling practices, such as collecting waste heat to transform it into usable water and reducing their reliance on external energy sources.


Giorgio Ronchi’s leadership style is characterized by respect, inclusivity, and open communication. He values the opinions and contributions of his team members, recognizing that their efforts are crucial to the company’s success. Despite the company’s accomplishments, Giorgio Ronchi remains humble, appreciating the collective dedication of the team.

In addition to his leadership within the company, Giorgio Ronchi demonstrates kindness and a sense of responsibility towards the local community. By providing employment opportunities and supporting sustainability efforts, he creates a positive impact beyond the company’s walls.


Overall, Giorgio Ronchi’s impressive leadership, combined with his kindness and humility, sets him apart as a remarkable leader in the fabric mill industry. That is why The Makers, as a family business, is delighted to collaborate with E.Thomas, a fellow family-owned company. Both entities share a deep appreciation for the value of family and community. The Makers recognize the exceptional qualities of E.thomas’ fabrics, which are not only of superior quality but also ethically and sustainably produced. The commitment to innovation, attention to detail, and the strong work ethic embedded within both companies align perfectly, fostering a sense of trust and reliability in their partnership. The Makers value the personal touch and exceptional service provided by E.thomas, as well as their unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. The shared values and commitment to excellence make The Makers confident in our choice to collaborate with E.thomas, knowing that their clients will receive the finest fabrics and materials available, sourced from a family business that prioritizes both craftsmanship and sustainability.