When embarking on a new collection, The choice of fabrics is paramount. Selecting the perfect fabric collection can make all the difference in achieving our desired outcome. The Makers with years of experience have found a way to navigate the fabric maze and make informed decisions when choosing the ideal fabric collections for the upcoming seasons.


Before diving into the world of fabrics, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of what we want to project in our new collection. Defining style and new trends will help us consider factors such as durability, drape, texture, color palette, and modernity. Knowing the requirements of the collection will guide us through the fabric selection process and ensure the fabrics align with our vision.


At The Makers, we take the time to research and explore different fabric collections available in the market. We Visit, talk, and look through fabric books of our partners like Carlo Barbera, Loro Piana, VBC, and many others we familiarize ourselves with various fabric types, their characteristics, and their suitability for different garments. Keeping an open mind and allowing inspiration to guide us as we explore the vast array of possibilities. Using available sales data as well as detailed information retrieved from regulated information from key accounts across our distribution footprint.


Lastly Obtaining fabric samples and swatches is essential in our decision-making process. We request samples and swatch books from our fabric suppliers to physically examine the fabrics. Assess their texture, weight, color accuracy, and how they interact with light. Place the samples in the intended environment or hold them against other garments or samples to see how they harmonize and complement each other. This experience guides The Makers towards the best possible merchandise mix within the offer.


Selecting the perfect fabric collection for our collections requires a balance between aesthetics, practicality, functionality, and vision. By understanding what we want in our collection, conducting thorough research, considering practical aspects, and trusting your instincts and expertise, The Makers can navigate the fabric maze with confidence. With the right fabric collection, our collections come to life, showcasing our creativity and achieving the desired impact.