Pitti Uomo, held by annually in Florence, Italy, is a globally renowned apparel trade show that brings together the best of men’s fashion. This extraordinary event attracts designers, buyers, fashion enthusiasts from around the world, and of course The Makers. Let’s explore the essence of Pitti Uomo and why it has become an unmatched destination for fashion.


Pitti Uomo is a showcase of creative excellence, where brands unveil their collections and redefine their boundaries. From meticulously tailored suits to cutting-edge streetwear, this event celebrates the artistry and craftsmanship that define the industry.


Pitti Uomo provides a vibrant platform for networking and collaboration. Industry professionals gather to establish connections, form partnerships, and shape the future of the industry, fostering a dynamic atmosphere of exchange and innovation.


Pitti Uomo is a compass for trends and influences in men’s fashion. Attendees witness the emergence of fresh aesthetics, innovative materials, and unique design concepts, inspiring industry professionals and fashion enthusiasts alike.


Celebrating Personal Style: Pitti Uomo celebrates personal style diversity, where attendees showcase their unique fashion expressions. Street-style photographers capture the spirit of individuality, transforming the streets of Florence into a spontaneous fashion runway.


So, join The Makers in Florence at Casa Abitata, Art Gallary Via del Trebbio 12 and be a part of our seasonal MTM & MTO collection launch.