Tangier, a captivating city nestled on the northern coast of Morocco, is a treasure trove of cultural richness and historical significance. Known for its bustling medina, stunning coastline, and vibrant atmosphere, Tangier offers a unique blend of traditional charm and modern sophistication. While visiting the esteemed tailoring production facility of PAVECO is undoubtedly a highlight, there’s no shortage of dining options to complement your journey. Join us as we embark on an exciting exploration of Tangier, combining the world of bespoke fashion with the city’s delightful offerings.


As you step into the prestigious doors of PAVECO, you enter a realm of craftsmanship and elegance. This renowned tailoring production facility, part of The Makers group. has garnered a stellar reputation for creating impeccable custom-made garments. exquisite suits made with the highest quality fabrics, PAVECO’s skilled artisans blend traditional techniques with contemporary designs, ensuring each creation is a masterpiece of style and precision. Exploring the facility gives you a firsthand glimpse into the meticulous artistry that goes into each garment, leaving you inspired by the dedication and attention to detail of the PAVECO and The Makers teams.


After visiting PAVECO Tangier is renowned for its delectable cuisine, blending Moroccan, Mediterranean, and international flavors to create a culinary tapestry that will delight any palate. After a day of exploring, treat yourself to a gastronomic adventure by indulging in some of the city’s finest dishes. From aromatic tagines and succulent kebabs to freshly caught seafood and mouth watering pastries, Tangier’s culinary scene is a sensory delight. Seek out cozy local restaurants such These are just a few of the many exceptional dining options Tangier has to offer. But remember to also explore the local recommendations by asking for suggestions from locals after all they know the best-hidden gems in town.


“Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast, a partner of The Makers, or a seeker of new experiences, Tangier beckons you with open arms, ready to share its treasures and create memories that will last a lifetime. As passionate advocates of this vibrant city, The Makers personally recommend these extraordinary places. Indulge in the culinary delights of Côté Sud, or Chiringuito, offering a fusion of Mexican flavors. Immerse yourself in the enchanting ambiance of Hotel El Morocco Club or Hotel Nord-Pinus, where you can witness breathtaking sunset views over the water. For a truly authentic Moroccan dining experience, El Minzah is a great and fun option. savor lunch at Chez Abdou or embrace the bohemian-style atmosphere of the beachfront. Tangier, with its rich heritage and natural beauty, is the perfect destination for those seeking a blend of tradition, style, and unforgettable moments.”