Artisan Tradition


Located on the Italian shore of Lake Lugano, E. Thomas has been an independent, family-run mill for 100 years. Important to the area’s economy, it was founded by Ernesto Thomas in 1922. Today, it’s a proud new partner of The Makers.


Currently run by fourth-generation CEO Giorgio Thomas, E. Thomas has two main goals: to constantly put forth a creative effort in everything they do while maintaining the highest quality standards. The mill produces a wide variety of top-quality fabrics, including wool blends, Chinese and Mongolian cashmere, silk, and linen.


Nowadays, their traditional craftsmanship is combined with just the right amount of modernity and freshness. E. Thomas is always looking to evolve and search for new things. This defines E. Thomas: uncompromising, inspired, and sophisticated, never diminishing the core values of this century-old history.


Thomas is now supporting The Makers with high-end quality fabrics, including Super 150 100% wool as well as a Super 150 93% wool and 7% cashmere blend for suitings. To round of the offer equally, a Super 130 100% wool Blazer quality will be added. These fabrics are now in stock and fabric samples are on the way to our dedicated BTB, MTM, and MTO partners.


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Courtesy of:

E. Thomas