From the early 1950 to the mid-1980s, lighter-weight fabrics took over the industry, dropping the fabric’s weight from 500g to 380g. With this new fabric innovation and the rise of industrial made suits, extra chest support was needed to stabilize these new fabrics splitting the suit tailoring manufacturing in two directions. For the industrial suit makers, an extra fusing layer was introduced to stabilize these new delicate fabrics making them less breathable and comfortable. On the other hand, traditional tailors introduced new canvas materials to maintain the comfort, breathability, and athletic shape of a full canvas suit.


After extensive testing, The Makers are ready to present our two types of full canvas models, our Paris full canvas and our Elegante full canvas. The Paris full canvas suit has all the advantages you expect of a full canvas suit and can be measured with your existing and highly praised Paris size set. The Elegante full canvas suit has a specific fit that perfectly matches a full canvas make. The waist and chest lines are tailored in harmony with a three-dimensional canvas, creating an elegant fit and athletic silhouette that gives optimal freedom of movement.


All The Makers full canvas pieces are hand-made, allow all alterations you require, and come with a series of different shoulder designs like a formal, modest, natural, or Neapolitan shoulder. Lastly, all our full canvas suits are available in a wide variety of fabrics, like all our YPS fabrics, both NOOS and seasonal fabrics, so there is always something to your liking making you the sharpest dressed person in the room.