We’re extremely excited to announce and show you our new marketing platform, which combines everything The Makers has to offer under one roof.


Our renewed platform provides more relevant information faster, is more user-friendly, and is accessible whenever it suits you. It improves our communications and brings elements like Your Personal Suit, iSupply, newsletters, LinkedIn posts, and much more together in a clear and concise manner. As a result, we can achieve a better overall focus on the product for MTM and MTO, as well as RTW, which is 24/7 accessible from any device.


We’ll walk you through this all-new platform. On our homepage, you’ll see three main choices: information about our company, the latest inspiration and news, and the Client Service Room. Let’s start with that one.


The Client Service Room features an enhanced and updated area full of important background information (replacing Your Personal Suit) and a link to the ordering system, iSupply. With this and much more, we aim to make this platform feel like an MTM magazine, tailored just for you, with regular updates on trends, industry developments, products, and services.


We’re confident that this will be your main source for everything about The Makers and beyond! Our customer service back office is still there to assist you in any way you need.


Here are a few regular items and other features:


Product Design: Get an insider’s view, from the backstory of the most prominent weavers to everything about what we offer.


Trends: The latest industry news.


Regular subjects like Suits on Screens (bingeworthy series featuring Suits), Going Places (let the cities that inspire us inspire you), and Required Reading (our suggestions for the very best in art, photography, and design books).


And with that, the very latest and best in museums, architecture, film, pop culture, must-haves and wanna-haves, inspiring people and important icons, and absolutely everything in between. Let us inspire you!


We kindly ask all our MTM and MTO BTB partners and staff with logins to register for the new Client Service Room in order to guarantee continuous access to important product information.