To support the MTM and MTO sales process at your point of sale we offer several, all-year round, incentives.

Size sets, window or in store presentation samples and or relevant MTM personalized staff orders are available at lower than regular price list costs.

Size sets: your basic fit garments can be ordered from The Makers stock or can be entered via ISupply.

Window or in store presentation samples: a sample for your store window or alternative presentation purposes can be ordered through ISupply.

Relevant MTM staff orders: samples to be worn by you or your staff can be supported by a discount as well.

In order to not miss out on the above, especially concerning size sets, we advise you to plan your needs at least 2 months in advance and as such, ideally, no later than mid-October for a Spring Summer season and no later than mid-April for a Fall Winter season.

For more information, please contact the Customer Service Department.