Milano Unica, the prestigious fabric fair, showcased the upcoming trends for AW24/25. The Makers team of course attended this vibrant event, highlighting key themes such as sustainability, tailoring, and captivating colors.


Milano Unica emphasized sustainability, promoting eco-friendly processing and “mono” fabrics for recycling. Eco-fibers, water-efficient fibers and transforming ‘’waste’’ into new products were key focuses.


Tailoring blended luxury with functionality, featuring cashmere blends, non-indigo denim looks, performance fabrics with natural stretch, and silk-influenced fluidity. Dense cotton, complex structures, and velvety flannels provided depth and variety.


The AW24/25 color palette showcased sky and earth tones, ochre yellows, warm oranges, and bold greens and reds. Grey tones added sophistication, offering versatility in fabric choices.


Milano Unica revealed AW24/25 trends with a strong focus on reusability, luxurious tailoring, and captivating colors. As such all suppliers participating inspired designers and product managers worldwide to shape the fashion future.


The Makers team wishes to thank all partners for the warm welcome and detailed fabric presentations!