We provide various incentives year-round to bolster your sales process for both MTM & MTO at the point of sale.

We offer size sets, window or in-store presentation samples, and relevant MTM personalised staff orders at prices lower than those listed on the regular price list.

Size sets, which consist of basic fit garments, can be ordered either from The Makers’ stock or can be inputted via ISupply.

For your store window or alternative presentation needs, samples are available for order through ISupply.

For MTM staff orders, samples intended to be worn by you or your staff can also be provided with a discount.

To ensure you take advantage of the offerings mentioned above, particularly regarding size sets, we recommend planning your requirements at least 2 months in advance. Ideally, this should be done no later than mid-October for the Spring/Summer season and mid-April for the Fall/Winter season.

For more information, please contact the Customer Service Department.