Yellow, one of those colors, you either love or hate; it’s bright, vibrant and positive or “in your face”, daring and sometimes provocative.


A color of change and movement, that invites to explore, to question and try something new. A young and fresh color embraced by “Generation Z”. An age group unsusceptible for society’s demands, choosing their own life path, often opting out on the rat race.


Keeping in mind that youth represent the future, their outings echo destined change for all. Fortunately, it doesn’t come over night, allowing developing seeds time to sprout, to grow into full bloom, fruition, and appreciation: from youthful sunshine brights to butter or corn yellow standing for a milder and mature take on society.


The Gen-Z group has moved on since their preferent color was first noticed in 2017, but like “Millennial Pink”, yellow will be there to stay in all its hues for seasons to come.