Has the suit gone wild or …?

The outfit, personifying respectability and trust for generations, is gradually

transforming from a conservative bastion of security to the face of modernity.


Throughout the last years, stylists have been using suits as a foundation, to

envision a society on the move. From signalling the end of old values and dogma,

to finding ways to let sustainability meet economics; translated from bold

colors and over-the-top combinations, to focusing on reusing garments, rethinking

heritage and reworking styles in a DIY mood. Every aspect in the news was

being expressed in transversal attire on social media, in publications and on



This movement, brought a wave of inspiration for designers to herald a new era

of suit inspired designs. After having seen all the AW23/24 designer shows,

with suits in many shapes and colors, we can conclude that the suit – in its

newly found diversity – is back in the centre of attention.


Yet, has the suit gone wild …?

We think it has signalled a period of radical change, opening doors to a new

design era characterized by soft unlimited creation and innovation.