King Charles’s coronation was a highly anticipated event where fashion takes center stage. Together we are taking a closer look at the captivating fashion moments that unfolded during the ceremony, showcasing the exquisite details and timeless elegance that left audiences in awe.


The coronation was a celebration of British fashion designers, who showcased their creativity and craftsmanship. Established and emerging designers contributed unique and striking designs, seamlessly blending tradition and modernity. From renowned heritage houses to innovative young talents, each designer added their distinct flair to the ceremony, capturing the essence of British style and elegance.


The coronation of King Charles was a magnificent display of fashion and will leave a lasting legacy in the industry. The exquisite details, refined silhouettes, and luxurious fabrics showcased during the ceremony will inspire future trends and influence designers worldwide. From color palettes and embellishments to tailoring techniques, the fashion moments from the coronation will be emulated and celebrated for years to come.