“Vintage Watches, Modern Fashion”


The vintage watch market has been on the rise these past few years. One of the bigger players, not only in The Netherlands but with customers across the world, are the guys from Amsterdam Vintage Watches. Their influence goes well beyond the wristwatch looking at their unique formal style with a twist.


Let’s start with some background. To call the vintage watch market a boom would be an understatement. The global market is currently valued at about three billion euros. For example, the Rolex Daytona. A chronograph watch that was sold only a couple decades ago for €3.000 to €5.000, now easily fetches upwards of €30k to €50k.

Amsterdam Vintage Watches, led by owner Jasper Lijfering, quickly became one of the major sellers in The Netherlands. In their shop at the Singel canal in Amsterdam, but especially through their extremely popular social media channels. These past few years their socials resulted in a dramatic increase of their worldwide sales.

It’s there where Lijfering and his ambitious colleagues discovered the popularity of vintage watches. An attractive investment because production runs are limited, so the supply remains the same or decreases. Vintage, with its discolored hour indices and dials, show the ravages of time. Making it something unique with character. You distinguish yourself and don’t walk around with what the rest of the community is already wearing. Something that also clearly applies to tailored suits.


Emerging Generation

The guys at Amsterdam Vintage Watches represent themselves as something completely different from the ‘regular’ jeweler. Still with tons of knowledge, mind you, but a bit cheeky and not afraid to show their impressive collection.

And that style translates faultlessly into their fashion style. The young influencers regularly wear suits, but not the typical banker style. More fashion forward and often done with a twist, without losing the characteristics of a well-tailored piece of clothing. Some might say dandy-esque. A fine example is Lijfering’s use of a collar pin or a tiepin while wearing a suit and tie. Combined with a bold patterned fabric.

Although he and his colleagues often mix it up with something a bit more casual. Like some high-quality knitwear or even streetwear-accessories. Like a sneaker or a t-shirt, while still wearing a well-cut double-breasted suit or a three-piece iteration. Where every little detail checks out, from the coordinated pocket square and belt to a good pair of loafers.

An outlook that we, at The Makers, can wholly get behind. It is great to see an emerging generation embrace the modern tailored suit and make it their own. Pushing the limits and give it their own personal interpretation to define themselves. Values we share and bring across in every single one of our collections.



Amsterdam Vintage Watches