Today, Wednesday, March 8th, it’s International Women’s Day. A day that celebrates the solidarity with and empowerment of women worldwide. At the end of the 19th century and throughout the 20th century, women increasingly stood up for their rights in the field of labor and their general role in society. This resulted in a yearly celebration, something we can only support!


Traditionally, this day is devoted to women’s rights, and attention is drawn to situations where women are still disadvantaged. International Women’s Day is the result of more than a century of women’s emancipation.

It started with the German politician Clara Zetkin (1857-1933). Zetkin has long fought for women’s rights in her native country. Because she received little attention, she launched the socialist women’s magazine Die Gleichheit. In her emancipation struggle, the German politician also sought cooperation with women from other European countries. With a number of these women, she organized the First International Socialist Women’s Conference in Stuttgart in 1907. This resulted in a passed motion where the parties were obliged to fight for both male suffrage and female suffrage.

After the success of the first women’s conference, a second conference was held in Copenhagen in 1910. Then it was decided to organize a yearly International Women’s Day, which is still a day to speak out and continue to work towards more gender equality worldwide.


Practice what you Preach

Honestly, we are mainly of the approach ‘practice what you preach’, so at The Makers, we want to do more than a simple opportunistic slogan on our website. International Women’s Day will always be an important day for us to honor with core values that echo throughout our company year-round.

At The Makers, we strive towards equality, as our code of corporate social responsibility states: We employ people with different backgrounds, ages, genders, races, cultures, and religions. We encourage tolerance and acceptance and do not tolerate discrimination. We believe that education is the best way to achieve equality and empowerment.

Therefore, you will see the result in the makeup of our workforce and a mature and well-rounded womenswear collection. This has been paramount for us and something we work hard to get absolutely right.

For this, please check out our Fall/Winter collection 2023 in our Client Service Room. A collection with our typical formalwear staples, as well as oversized or boxy blazers combined with more fitted garments.

A continuation of the trend of the FW23 shows. Where male and female wardrobes find common ground. And style and gender are blended into a look full of self-expression and diversity.