Singer-songwriter Harry Styles has survived teenage stardom as a member of One Direction and has become a role model for his generation, with a style that’s hard to beat.


Harry Styles doesn’t only deserve kudos for his music but also for his daring style choices. He has an adventurous sense of style that tends towards formal while not being afraid to go beyond certain boundaries.


Consider his friendship with the former creative director at Gucci, Alessandro Michele. This spawned a collection of menswear that is avant-garde, to say the least. Gucci described it as a dream wardrobe defined by the eccentric use of romantic accents, whimsical prints, vintage details, and the expressive emotionality of the individual.


Styles’ attendance at the 79th Venice Film Festival is more proof of this. He was there to promote the psychological thriller Don’t Worry Darling. He arrived on a Riva Aquarma speedboat in a striped jacket over a white undershirt. His accessories were a light blue scarf and oversized sunglasses, all very 1970s.


What makes him stand out is that with Styles, it never becomes a dress-up party. There is an element of provocation, but also one of sincere expressiveness. As the young singer once told Rolling Stone magazine, “The number-one thing was I wanted to be honest. I hadn’t done that before.”