Nearshoring is a supply chain strategy that has become increasingly relevant in today’s day and age, especially looking at recent geopolitical developments as well as increasing transportation challenges on a global scale. But what are your benefits?


Nearshoring is outsourcing your activities in whole or in part to companies that are relatively close to your main country of operations. The bottom line is generating speed. It lets you increase cost-effectiveness because there’s less travel and more flexibility, potentially increasing quality levels. As well, you can retain a greater degree of control and overview. Being relatively close to your home country and working within an easily accessible infrastructure makes things easier.


Very early on at The Makers Group, we enhanced and strategized nearshoring by investing in our own production facilities in Tangier, opposite Malaga, and, more importantly, only a 10-minute drive from the airport in a free-trade zone, as part of the EU-Morocco Association Agreement, fully managed in accordance with our CSR principles. We have other trade agreements in place, such as one with the United States, which leads to highly competitive pricing compared to other import duty-restricted regions and countries of origin.


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