The message of the recent menswear designer shows, was finding common ground in male and female wardrobes, blending the notion of style, gender and segmentation. This selection of iconic looks mirrors today’s fashion attitude, underlining equality and diversity:


New Volumes & Shapes
Boxy shapes for blazers and jackets, with a keen eye on double breasted, and wide trousers, from dressy “sweatpants” to “Zoot Suit” inspired bottoms.


Daring Styling
Tailored looks styled with bold accessories from hoodies and sweaters to satin pussy bow shirts or jackets worn on a bare skin.


Feminine Touch
Designers are promoting joint wardrobes for men and women, pushing the boundaries of gender roles through fashion, and experimenting with the freedom of self-expression. Numerous female references are present with skirts in several collections and even dresses combined with long blazers.


Let’s start with sharing blazers and bottoms among partners, maybe at a later stage skirts can be added ;-).


Credits for picture:

The Wall Street Journal