There you are, standing in front of your closet. You have your suit and shirt fresh and clean, ready to finish it off with some accessories. A final but crucial detail we love at The Makers. Let us inspire you with some of our go-to accessories.


A fashionista and his suit. An unmissable opportunity to enhance the overall look and show some personality with accessories. As you very well know, they bring out a suit and pull it all together. These are some of the pieces that we have in circulation.



You can’t go wrong with a nice dress watch under a suit. Something not too big in diameter, like a maximum of 40mm, with a clean aesthetic. With a gold or stainless-steel case and a leather strap. Are you feeling more casual? A dress watch still suffices, but you can also go with something a bit sportier with a steel bracelet. And with a mechanical movement, of course, that speaks for itself. Don’t feel that it will cost you an arm and a leg. Of course, you can go for a nice Omega, but a Junghans Max Bill in pure Bauhaus-style even goes for under a €1.000.


Pocket square

A good shirt, tie, and pocket square can completely change your look. Don’t clash but complement. Match it to your tie, although not necessarily the exact same pattern. Don’t want to wear a tie, but you do want a smarter look? Add that pocket square.



Going from business casual to formal with a single knot. A versatile accessory that makes you stand out from the crowd. Going effortlessly from a Four-in-hand to a Half Windsor or a Windsor knot is a skill every suit owner should master. And then choose a silk one for business in the summertime or a woolen tie for business in winter. Do you feel the need to make the look a bit more casual, try the knitted tie.


Collar pin

Just binge-watched Peaky Blinders? Try a collar pin, even if it’s only once. A statement that shows you care about even the tiniest of details.


Tie bar

And if you’re still in the ’50s/60’s vibes and finally finished Mad Men, a tie pin is an accessory to show some originality. It made a modest comeback a decade ago during the high times of the tv-series Mad Men and is once again gaining popularity.



Nice if you match it to one of the above (tie bar or collar pin). But either way, as you know, it adds elegance to your outfit. It’s not a standard with a suit as it once was, but we find it’s still worth it to own a few pairs, especially since we see a current resurgence.



A lifesaver and coordinate it with the shoes to show you know the drill. A good belt adds some flourish. There are certainly enough styles to choose from. The go-to slim black or dark brown leather belt with either silver- or gold-toned buckle is an all-time classic. But also, worth checking out is one with a suede finish to go for something a bit different. And if you can make it more casual, a nylon or canvas material is an interesting option. For example, a nicely woven fabric in different patterns is something we love.