Ever wondered what’s on a designer’s mind besides color, material, prints, and patterns? Inspiration and insights; what moves cultural, social, and political change, art exhibitions and concerts, nature, technology, and much more.


Designers and fashion as a whole reflect the spirit of the times, structuring perceptions and ideas while using garments and environments as canvases. Attracting the eye of stylish people, touching the subconscious fashion vibe with innovative designs and skillful crafts. Creatively grasping the message of the moment, a collection, an era.


The recent AW23/24 designer shows sent a strong message about the return of beauty and functionality, quality over quantity, and respect for the knowledge of crafts and style. Translated in looks that can be considered a valuable move forward to a new era of Sartorial Reconstruction. Rethinking our relation to fashion and garments redirects the focus from fast and superficial to lasting and meaningful.


Showing this thought process in design inspires us to rethink how we work and play for the years to come.