There were times when dressing for success meant a suit, shirt, and tie. There’s nothing wrong with a classy shirt and tie, but in today’s world of tech and start-ups, innovation and creativity are key.


A 3.0 approach in the fashion industry is on the rise, transforming smart casual into a contemporary look that is neither smart nor casual. It’s mainly personal, undogmatic, unpredictable, and exciting. It could be a stylish jogging suit in muted colors made of neoprene bonded with sophisticated wool. Instead of a blazer, wear a sports jacket made of the finest yarns. Combine it with knitted trousers in a dress make with a drawstring. Choose a British check in a water-repellent material for a dandy overcoat.


With the emerging Web 3.0 and augmented and virtual reality entering the real world, living according to conventional rules is not enough. Today’s urban-tech population reflects success from within, which emphasizes personality and a keen eye for innovation.


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