The 5th of May is a day of great importance for the people of the Netherlands. It marks the end of World War II and the country’s liberation from occupation. This day is a time for all inhabitants of the Netherlands to come together and celebrate their freedom.


One of the most remarkable things about the 5th of May celebrations is how inclusive the Netherlands is. People from all walks of life, regardless of their age, gender, or background, come together to celebrate their freedom. This inclusivity is a reflection of the Netherlands’ commitment to diversity and tolerance, which are values that the country and The Makers as a company holds dear.


The 5th of May is filled with festivities and activities, including concerts, parades, and cultural events. This day is also an opportunity to showcase the best of Dutch culture, including their music, food, and most importantly fashion. Many people choose to wear orange, the national color of the Netherlands so take a look at our orange suits that are filled with country pride. So wear your The Makers suit and let the Dutch Lion roar.