This time a modern classic: Mad Men.


After seven seasons, Mad Men still has an influence. Although we were big fans of the experiences of Don Draper and his ad agency monologues, it was mainly the beautiful and especially realistic outfits of the cast that made our hearts beat faster.


Creator Matthew Weiner made a series that gave the same importance to the plot as to the costumes and interior design. He knows that this is the only way to really let the viewer travel back in time. He takes us to the exact decade and makes us feel like we’re there ourselves; this way he is sure that the meaning behind each dialogue and the course of the storyline is correctly interpreted.


When the series ran from 2007-2015 suit sales doubled, according to business publication Forbes. Was it a lasting influence? We can only hope. One thing is for sure, rarely has television influenced menswear as tastefully.




The Rake