Whether you’re going to the office, your favorite club, or the grocery store, with these tips, you will be adequately scented in every situation.


Don’t use too much. Two sprays of a fragrance are more than enough. Ultimately, you don’t want to make your colleagues gasp for air. You should spray once on the right side of your neck and once on the left, about ten centimeters above shoulder height.


Take your time when choosing a new scent. A quality scent is made up of three parts: top notes, heart notes, and base notes. You can smell the top notes immediately, as they lead you deeper into the fragrance to the heart notes. The top notes evaporate after a few minutes, while the heart notes last much longer. Then come the base notes.


Be sure to avoid very strong scents on occasions such as weddings, funerals, and business appointments like a job interview or giving a presentation. This is quickly perceived as intrusive and inappropriate.


Fragrances do not like heat, temperature fluctuations, or sunlight. You shouldn’t store your bottles in the bathroom, but rather in a cool, dark place.


Have you been using the same fragrance for years? And did you buy it blindly off the shelf? Then remember that perfume houses regularly tinker with scents because some ingredients may no longer be used. Be sure to keep testing!


Make sure you have several fragrances to suit you in any situation. Use a more pronounced scent for a bar or club and a distinguished perfume for work.


Heavier scents are better suited to fall and winter, while spring and summer call for lighter ones.


Be sure to never buy a fragrance because it smelled good on a friend or colleague, as it could be completely different on you, which has to do with skin pH.