Gone are the comfortable outfits from the health crisis. Even if you’re in tech, a slob-like outfit is no longer the way to go. Google will tell you: search terms for “tailoring” are up 600% and back at pre-pandemic levels.


Suits for 2023 and beyond are back. They are bolder than ever, with a selection of new shapes, fabrics, and fits. It’s a more relaxed approach to formal wear, moving from casual to smart.


There is no denying that a “casualization” of formal clothing is taking place. While there’s no specific look that equates to achieving this laid-back look, it’s more important to focus on the material and fit of each individual piece. This means a higher quality of fabric and a perfect fit. In short, polished but not too stiff. Even though there might be a re-coding of the classic suit, a well-fitted suit is something every man should have, albeit one that is more distinctive. The hunger for a suit is back, having missed a touch of formality and the masculinity it embodies these last few years.


Sure, the conservative and classic look of a suit is here to stay, but today’s suits are more individualistic. They show a bit of your personality instead of being a uniform, with a more relaxed fit, brighter colors, distinctive shirts, and what have you. Garments, on the other hand, get a second look. Linen or silk is being woven into wool for more texture; a new era for the suit has begun.