Premiere Vision, a popular international textile trade fair, is a platform for global suppliers to showcase their latest creations and innovations. The event provides The Makers an opportunity to review cutting-edge trends and techniques that help shape our future collection.


The Makers team engaged with industry professionals, exploring ideas as the event served as a catalyst for inspiration and collaboration.


Premiere Vision unveiled a multitude of intriguing trends that captured our attention, as we look to build our Autumn/Winter 2024-2025 collection. As we explored the event, it became more evident that the evolving interaction between nature and technology was a driving force behind many innovative concepts.  Color palettes and less conventional fabric combinations showcased at the event exemplified the industry’s commitment to originality and experimentation.


Innovation always takes center stage at Premiere Vision, where textile manufacturers presented the latest techniques and materials. Exploring advancements in fabric technology, such as eco-friendly and sustainable textiles, aligns with our commitment to responsible production. We also explored cutting-edge digital solutions like 3D design and printing, opening doors to limitless possibilities for creating bespoke garments.


Premiere Vision provided The Makers with a valuable platform to strengthen existing partnerships and establish new alliances. Collaborative discussions with fabric suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors laid the groundwork for enhancing product offerings. The connections made at the event ensured The Makers’ continued growth and success in the ever-evolving fashion industry.